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The Aussie Over 50s Guide to Travelling on the Water!

Day Cruises or Extended Travel

Whether it is a quiet day trip on one of Australia's picturesque rivers or a fast action fishing trip on the ocean, or something in between, there are plenty of choices for a day trip or a extended holiday on one of the many waterways of Australia. Yes, a river-boat for hire on the Murray River or Lake Cootharaba sounds good too or a cruise all the way around the island continent!

Travel Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania; photo Lyle Stacpoole

Travelling by Boat and Boat Cruises

Cruise around Australia or take one of our great river cruises. There are organised tours and cruises or you can hire a house boat and do your own thing!

What is cruising like?

When you first step onto a cruise ship you will feel your body starting to relax, you know you on board for some time. Your luggage has been taken direct to your cabin and you do not have to open and close and re pack your bags again for the term on the ship.

You are greeted by the crew and welcomed a board as part of the greeting you are invited to have your photo taken with a sign with the ships name on it. That so you can buy it later if you want a copy.

You enter in the ship and feel right away the party is about to begin, you will decide to take a walk around before heading off to your cabin, just to get a bit of the feel of it and get your sea legs, so to speak.

You will notice the bars and the decorative way the ship has been prepared just for you and you will see all how the ship has been designed to allow light in from all sides and let you look out and watch the oceans passing parade.

Like everyone you will go to the top deck to look over the city before you depart and if you have friend or family seeing you off, you will be looking and waving to them while they stand on the foreshore.

The excitement builds as the engines roar to life and the ship's crew is busy setting up the vessel to move away from the dock. There lots of people around leaning on the ships railing, most on the same side of the boat as you. The ships whistle blasts two or three times as you are watching the tug boats come along side and start nudging the ship forward.

Let's not spoil it all for you! It's time to book, so you will have your own cruising story or stories to tell.

Special Cruises and Restaurants

Get a few friends or the family together and spend two and a half hours sailing or go on a Harbour or River cruise, which often includes lunch or dinner. It is great fun day or evening out and there are options within reach wherever you may be.

Fishing Charters

Cruise Tour Agents

House Boat Hire

Most of our popular house hire options are found on the Murray River, one of the longest rivers in the world and the largest in Australia. However there are plenty of other rivers to 'house boat' on including the Noosa River on the Sunshine Coast and the Swan River in the heart of Perth. Some come as a 'drive yourself' option and others you can take as a tour with one of the many tour companies.

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