Travelling: Things Safe at Home While You Are Away

The Aussie Over 50s Guide to Travel Safely!

Securing the House

An often overlooked aspect of getting away is making sure the home is secure. Apart from making sure your insurance will cover you while you are away there is also the need to check your locks and security, for example how secure are the windows or even the roof of the house and sheds.

It may be a 'cheaper than expected' and a valuable exercise to get an expert in to make some recommedations to suit your budget that will give you some extra freedom from worry while away, or when you get home.

House and Contents Insurances

It is of vital importance that before you leave your home for an extended period (generally over two weeks) that you check your Home and Contents Insurance to see what is covered.

Some Insurance policies do not cover the advent of a break-in or other damage if the house is un-occupied for more than sometimes as little as two weeks. It is vital that your policy be checked and that adequate arrangements are made, eg a house sitter, well before an extended trip is planned.

House Sitting Services

As mentioned above some Home and Contents Insurances do not cover in the advent of an extended period of vacancy of the home. House sitters can be a useful resource if no-one is available to look after your home while you are away enjoying a peaceful holiday. Make it more peaceful and relaxing by making sure someone is taking care of the house, gardens and pets.

Pet Sitting Services

There are some fabulous all round pet care facilities in all states, including just pet sitters and kennels or pet minders who will take care of all aspects of your pet including walking and exercising them, grooming or looking after any other aspect of their needs

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