Going Online for Social, Personal or Business

The Aussie Over 50s Guide to Meeting People Online!

Interact with People New and Old from All over the World

Australians do like meeting new people and getting involved, are you looking to make new friends, find a mate or companion, A place where people are able to put themselves into a situation where they are able to meet others with similar interest, for mutual enjoyment and fun times.

Some people have a knack of keeping friendships strong and everlasting and others, because they are constantly moving from place to place, or business interferes with lifestyle, lose contact and even have great friendship end for one reason or another. Here's a chance to make a new start!

Social Websites and Blogging

Social Media is a great new way to allow other people in your life to know where you are and what you are doing. Upload photos of your holiday, not when you get home but every night of the trip. Your friends can comment on your updates and the interaction is a great way of communication when other forms are too expensive or not as available, for example while you are overseas.

Find Old Friends and Aquaintances

Many of us retain friends made over the years and often meet new people through those friends. Search online at Facebook or other Social networks for old school friends or aquaintances from a certain area or town.

Look up and catch up with old friends by searching for them on Facebook, Twitter or My Space (there are others); the odds are you will likely find them somewhere and make contact after all those years of not knowing where they are. Learn all about their family, how many grandkids they have, etc.

Upload photos of your latest good times, meals or purchases for your friends to see. Your profile CAN be protected to be seen only by friends however as long as you do not put anything up that you do not want the world to see you may be found by people who may want to contact you if you remain PUBLIC.

Social Pages


• Usually Free!

• Relatively easy to use


• Third party interference [Ads etc]

• Can sometime not work as expected

• Usually restrictions on what you can do



• Set up your own or simply 'follow' others; eg Twitter

• Can be Free - paid subscriptions provide better options

• Relatively easy to use


• If Free Blog Third party interference [Ads etc]

• Limitations on how much you can say and do on public Blogs

• Unless you can set up your own hosting the blog program used may go offline

Skype / WhatsAp / Live Messenger

Communicate via text of voice over free platforms with friends and business colleagues. There are numerous online platforms so go online and find what works best for you and your friends. Most work internationally so they are great for when someone is overseas on business, family or holidays.


AML-AM [Australia My Land Associate Marketplace]

The Australia My Land Associate Market [AML-AM] is a perfect way to start an online presence. Register as a FREE Associate and receive your very own Associate Profile Web Page with which you can promote your own business, or a friends business, or anything you wish (within the terms and conditions) as well as build your own network of 'friends'.


You will receive a FREE Copy of the Welcome to Australia Travel Pack, a 30 page pdf eBook introducing Australia and AML-AM.

The personal Management Console is used to then edit your Profile and add a photo and information about your project, business or just YOU!

Promote Australian Businesses, go shopping and save a few dollars and even make a few dollars if you wish to build a business from the Business Initiative.

You Tube

You Tube is now a part of the Google network and is alsdo a handy tool for social or business interaction.



Facebook is very popular however it is also very cluttered with Ads and the set-up can be very 'busy' and not easy to follow unless you have a lot of tine to do so.

Nevertheless it also can be used to find 'old' or new friends and uppload videos, photos and the latest news in your life. Facebook now separate 'business' users from 'personal' users which is a move towards a better option for promoting a business however it then gets frustrating to know who is following who and what!



Used as a 'diary' like Blog where people update the very latest news events and allow people who 'follow them' [their account] to respond.


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