Developing New Friendships

The Aussie Over 50s Guide to Finding New Friends!

Making New and Finding Old Friendships

Many of us retain friends made over the years and often meet new people through those friends.

Some people have a knack of keeping friendships strong and everlasting and others, because they are constantly moving from place to place, or business interferes with lifestyle, lose contact and even have great friendship end for one reason or another.

Others have parted company with long term partners or have lost soul-mates that they have spent a lifetime with and are looking for a little companionship and still others simply like to meet someone new.

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This fast moving world we live in today can often make it difficult for people to meet and make new friends and as we get older we are not up to going to bars, clubs or pick-up joints.

The internet is proof of this, with hundreds of people worldwide joining dating websites and often outlaying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to meet people.

While the word dating might not be the right word people to use once we 'hit 50 plus' nevertheless we understand the meaning and these sites are some very legitimate meeting places.

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