Supporting Your Local Community

The Aussie Over 50's Guide to Helping Out in the Neighbourhood!

Be Busy Helping Others in the Community

The opportunities to offer support to local Community groups for neighbourhood support, local sports clubs or entertainment groups like local theatre groups are 'almost endless'. There are many local and national groups who can use a helping hand either in direct work locally, providing content and photos for a website or by contributing financially. There are many groups like those listed below who have local representation and you will likely find other local groups who identify local needs who can use some help.

These organisations are always looking for experienced workers in many fields and Over 50s most often have exactly the skills and experience needed.

Surf Life Saving

Surf Life Saving has a long and proud tradition of saving lives for over 100 years in Australia. Since 1907, surf lifesavers have volunteered their time and effort to provide a dedicated lifesaving service around the country.

There are number of ways volunteers can help out our Life Savers either by donations or by volunteering time in fiund-raising or beach-day activities.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels [see link below] is a name familiar to Australians and is at the heart of many communities. It represents helping hands, teamwork and looking out for each other. It is all about people in the community joining forces to help others.

Volunteering Australia

Volunteering Australia [see link below] is the National peak body for volunteering working to advance volunteering in the Australian community. They may be able to help you find the right group to get involved with depending on your circumstances.

Volunteer Based Community Groups
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