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Join a Club and Enjoy Companionship Doing Something you Love

Australia has an abundent amount of wonderful things to see and do and we like to help others. We want to be involved! The clubs and groups that operate around the country are testimount to that.

You are able to find exciting and different options available with many of them targeted right at you and the things you like to do! You will be surprised at what is out there waiting for you to join in.

Community Social Clubs

Social Clubs in Australia have always been part of the fabric of the community. Starting mostly as rural townships getting together as community groups, for sport and for the local Saturday night dance at the district hall was even a mainstay of city life until television and in more recent times the internet came along.

Drive through any part of the country and you will still see the old district hall standing proudly in its place near the centre of town, scattered through city suburbs and even still in many case being used for social events.

Aussies have always enjoyed the simple pleasure of spending time over a cuppa tea and a couple of hands of cards. Many clubs still exist catering for pastimes such as ballroom dancing, card and board games [without a computer!], community help activities, bushwalking and many other interests. They can be found advertising and looking for new members in the local freebie papers, at the local library, [many may be based there] or dare we say it, by searching Google online.

Bushwalking Clubs

Walking, hiking and bushwalking are without doubt some of the least expensive forms of exercise, is beneficial to ones HEALTH and is a great social way to get to meet other people.


Car Clubs

Car Clubs are more than just sitting around talking about "what is under the bonnet". While that may be involved in some clubs many are about getting together and going out on a drive to see the countryside or to go to a specific sightseeing spot or to some event. By checking out those available, and the list is pretty long as can be seen in the link below at the RACV, you will soon be able to find one that suits your interests and budget.


Finding a New Companion

Some people have a knack of keeping friendships strong and everlasting more so than others. Because of the need of moving from place to place, or where business interferes with lifestyle or for one of many reasons some lose contact and even have a great friendship come to a sad end.

Through various circumstances in life some have thus parted company with long term partners while others have had the grief of losing lost dear soul-mates that we have spent a lifetime with to the ultimate tragedy and may now be just looking for a little companionship and simply looking to meet someone new.

Because of the fast-moving world we live in today, it can often be difficult for people to meet and make new friends as we get older and many are simply not into going to the local pub, to a club or to other pick-up joints.

In this scenario some people are using the internet with some success in finding someone new. Hundreds and hundreds of people in Australia and from around the world are going online and joining meeting place sites to meet and hook up with people every day, and by careful research and taking ones time a good choice, first of a reputable programme, and then of a companion is possible.

About Over 50 Meeting Place

Other Social and Community Clubs

Here is a list of other known Social Clubs in Australia. As our website adds content you will find links added here. In the meantime simply type the Club type and your suburb into a Google search and find a club near you.

• Angling / Fishing Clubs

• Animal Racing Clubs

• Masters Sports Competitions:-

- Athletics, Football, Cricket, Baseball and Softball, Basketball, Cycling, Swimming, Volleyball

• Football Clubs [Aussie Rules, Rugby, Soccer, American Gridiron - play touch or tag]

• Aeroplane Gliding Clubs

• Community Groups [Apex, Rotary, Lions]

• Social Competition Clubs: Chess, Backgammon, Darts, Bridge, Other Card Clubs

• Sports Clubs: Badminton, Squash, Golf, Tennis, Croquet, Hockey, Table Tennis

• Ballooning Clubs

• Bicycle Clubs

• Billiards, Snooker, Pool Clubs

• Bird and Poultry Clubs

• Fishing, Boat and Marine Clubs

• Bowling Clubs: Lawn Bowls and Ten Pin Bowls

• Book Clubs

• Calisthenic Clubs

• Car and Caravan Clubs, 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Motorcycle

• Pet Clubs: Cat, Dog, Other

• Caving Clubs

• Coin / Numismatic Clubs

• Computer Clubs

• Camping Clubs

• Cooking Clubs

• Craft Clubs: Photography, Knitting, Sewing, Quilting

• Church Clubs

• Dance Clubs, Belly Dancing Clubs

• Dating and Introduction Clubs

• Dinner Party Clubs

• Ex-Service and Service Clubs

• Fencing Clubs

• Flying and Gliding Clubs

• Gardening Clubs

• Gem and Lapidary Clubs

• Gymnastic Clubs

• Health and Fitness Clubs

• Historical Clubs

• Indoor Cricket Clubs

• Karate Clubs

• Lacrosse Clubs

• Life Saving / Surfing Clubs

• Model Aeroplane Clubs

• Model Engineers Clubs

• Model Car Clubs

• Model Train Clubs

• Mountain Climbing Clubs

• Music Clubs: Country Music, Jazz Societies, Music Instruments

• Netball Clubs

• Night Clubs

• Pistol Clubs

• Pony / Horse Clubs

• Railway Clubs

• Science Fiction Clubs

• Surf Clubs, Scuba Diving Clubs

• Senior Citizens Clubs

• Shooting Clubs

• Ski Clubs: Water Ski and Snow Ski

• Stamp / Philatelic Clubs

• Sailing Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Rowing Clubs

• Sky Diving

• Travel Clubs

• Theatrical Clubs

• UFO Clubs

• Volunteering Clubs

• Variety Clubs

• Wine Clubs

• Workers Clubs

• Weight Watching Clubs

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