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Introductory general information on About Over 50's

Where to find Friends and other Community Contacts

State Seniors Week organised events

Helping out in the Community is very rewarding and enjoyable

Some things we would enjoy and laugh at

A Few tips on how to be a goog grant parent

Australian Social Clubs of all discriptions

Seniors and Pets

Sporting opportunities for over 50's

Finding Friends Online and in the Community

Helping the Community with Fund Raising

Places to visit and drive to in Australia

Accommodation while Travelling in Australia

Insuring you arrive home with everything you started out with

Travelling by Car, Caravan and Campervan in Australia

Travelling by Bus and Coach Tours in Australia

One Day Rail Tours to Travelling across Australia by Railway

Interstate, International or Local Scenic Flights

Hire a House Boat or take a Day Trip Fishing in Australia

Stay on and experience life on an outback station

Day Trips and Special Tours in Australia

Search by State for Holidays and Tour Options in Australia

Looking after your Home and Pets while Travelling

Australian Tours World Tours

Great ideas for hobbies, with web links

Australian Gardening

Things for men to do together or at home

Learn to work or play with the 21st Century technology

A Website for those special projects

Other Hobbies including Photography and Painting

1938 International Truck Hobby Restoration

Health ideas, suggestions and web links

Womens Health

Looking after Womens Muscles

Secret Mens Business!

Men can look great at any age

Why is Testosterone important even as we get older

Top killers of Australian men

Five tips on how to help improve heart health

A few ways to help cholesterol in check

A few ways to help cholesterol in check

97% FAT FREE - But Packed with Sugar

How staying fit is important and how to do it

Having a healthy varin and mind!

Being keeps you healthy!

Loneliness, Drugs and Grog!

Brain and Mind Games

Natural Oils that Replenish inside and out

Versatile in cooking and around the house

Sesame Seed can do just about anything

The Wonderful Coconut

From Soothing Oils to Cleaning Products

The Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

Lemongrass Oil for Health and cooking

Healthy foods for longer life

The Mighty and Amazing Cucumber

The powerful health benefits of a glass of red wine

Which is Better? All the egg or just the Whites? Or BOTH?

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Refreshing health (Zinger) drinks

Carrot, Apple, and Ginger Zinger Smoothie

Ginger, Cucumber, Mint Lemon Zinger drink

Beetroot, Apple, Ginger and Ice Zinger drink

Strawberry, Ginger, Zinger Smoothie

Healthy foods and recipes

Easy and Healthy Breakfast recipes

Gozleme recipe for nutritious and healthy dinner

Rogan Josh recipe for nutritious and healthy dinner

Help and Ideas on how to quit smoking

Learn how to stop snoring!

Understanding Medicine Labels

Some hints for Shopping as a Senior

Some hints for Women out Shopping

Some hints for Men out Shopping

Some hints for Shopping Online

How to protect against Credit Card Fraud

General information for assistence when Fifty PLUS!

Women after Fifty PLus!

Men After Fifty PLUS!

Obtaining a Seniors Card once Fifty PLus!

Where Does The Fifty PLUS! Income Come From

How to generate a Fifty PLUS! Income

Fifty PLUS! Industries that suit the Fifty PLus brigade

Work for the Fifty PLUS!

Employers Wages subsidy

Planning for all the aspects of Fifty PLUS!

Planning your house for Over Fifty

Independent Fifty PLUS! Villages

Residential Care in Hostels and Nursing Homes

How to find common Services often needed

Finding Legal Services

When Financial Help is Required

How and Where to find a Good Tradesman

How and Where to find a Good Computer Services

How to be sure of your Computers security

Take the Pain out of Moving

Planning Funeral Information and Advice

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