The Aussie Over 50s Shopping Guide!

The scene of shopping in Australia has changed dramatically over the last 50 years since the first major shopping centres appeared in the suburbs. Although these offer a great deal of variety in the type of shops congregated, the variety between each of these shopping centres can be somewhat limited. This is because most of the shops in them are franchise stores stocking the same or similar items.

So be adventurous GO OUT! Visit the local or smaller shops scattered around the cities and suburbs. You will find some wonderful things. These Aussie business people need our support.

Online shopping

Online shopping, all you need is computer and the internet then with the press of a button and a little research you gain access to thousands of businesses. This is a great way to compare prices, like shopping in the smaller shops scattered around the cities and suburbs you can pick up bargains and track down those really hard to find gifts. With a bit of know-how and being careful anyone can do it safely.

To learn a little more about shopping safely online visit Shopping Online

About Over 50s Shopping Pages

As we get a little older there are items we need, or just simply like, and finding them is easier now as there is the internet and a greater variety of goods. Not only is access easier but also the options to choosing from a number of suppliers greater.

Support Aussie Farmers

Local farmers are doing it tough the last three or four decades but they do supply the freshest produce which is logical. However due to government trade agreemenst and more commercial markets overseas for our best bulk produce there appears to be no allowance these days for the smaller local farmer to succesfully deliver their product to those who would still prefer their fruit and vegetables to have been grown locally.

There is a trend though towards small co-operative type companies prepared to stand beside the smaller producer and give them a better deal. They are now also winning in the courts the legal opportunity to sell their produce as they wish to. The Spud Shed in Perth has recently won one such battle and Aussie Farmers Direct supply fresh Australian made and grown food at least twice a week to your neighbourhood.

So please be prepared to look around and divert from the big supermarkets to the alternative suppliers, remembering that the more commercially produced foods are processed to simply stay on the shelves longer, thus containing additives that are not great for the digestive system and with some reason believed to be the cause of so many modern illnesses. Dieticians are more and more asking us to eat more one ingredient foods, that is basic foods as they are grown with no additives.

Please visit Aussie Farmers Direct

Shopping Tours

With the advent of websites it is much easier to find products and services and where to purchase them. Although it is often cheaper to purchase online itself you will nevertheless find there is more security and fun in still shopping in-store.

You may further find it a lot of fun to get a group together and take a Shopping Tour now that there is the time and resources to do that. They say there is 'wisdom in a multitude of counsellors'! Or is that 'confusion'?

Well whatever it is it is a lot of fun being out together as a group.

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About Over 50s Shopping Pages

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