Finding a Tradesman

The Aussie Over 50s Guide to Finding a Tradie to get a Job Done!

New, Fix it or Renovations! Where to Find the Right People

Have you just bought flatpacked or pre-assembled cabinetry, and need an experienced tradesman to install your new furniture?

You may be looking for quality custom cabinetry or a renovation idea to make your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry the vibrant and efficient room that is a pleasure to be surrounded by.

You may have an emergency or be planning a renovation and need a host of tradies to accomplish the task; you may even need someone to actually plan the whole job. Be sure you look for an experienced tradesman!

You need someone with extensive experience in the building industries and trades who is accomplished at the specific trade required whether it is a small project or a large one.

Look locally in the 'freebie' newspapers or local directories and ask neighbours and friends who they might recommend.

Plan Ahead - Be Prepared

You know at some time you are going to need the basics: a plumber, electrician and contact at the local council. These are the people you are most likely to need in an emergency so be prepared and ask ahead of time and even contact one or two, or three, so that you know them personally and they are ready to jump when you need them! But do not expect them to be able to - thus the need to have a couple of people you can contact if and when needed.

When planning a renovation you will also require a carpenter, gyprock plasterer and painter just for starters; so well before you plan to get the job done get the right people involved and know how much they are going to cost.

Have finances set aside for emergencies and renovations ahead of time when and if possible as most tradies are not millionaires no matter what you may hear about them! SIGH!

As a last resort you can always Google for help but be sure in this instance to contact a few to compare them; go well beyond the first page of Google listings as in most cases the reliable, no-nonsense tradies are also the most non-technical and might not have the most eloquent or SEO friendly websites, if at all, therefore they may not be the highest listing on the page. Remember that anyone who advertisers usually are more expensive, as they also need to pay for it!

Sole traders are sometimes the best people to deal with as they will not just be sending out their 'lackies' to do the job but mostly will be there personally to do the job; find out beforehand who you can expect on the site and what THEIR qualifications and experience are!

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