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Do you need a Will drawn up? Do you need a NEW Will? Do you need your Will checked? Or maybe you are disputing a Will?

What ever the reason get specialised help!

Have you been left out of a will or treated unfairly and deserve a more reasonable share of an estate? They will act for people just like you and that is what they do everyday of the week! Every day - Australia Wide!

When challenging a will it is important to get specialist legal advice.

Disputing a will and other will challenge cases.

For the best chance at a successful result in your will disputes, find representation that is backed with expert knowledge, industry experience and with whom you feel comfortable in speaking to.

To challenge a will is often an emotional process. Not only are you dealing with the passing of a family member, but trying to organise the legalities that accompany this can take its toll. Your legal team need to be sensitive to your needs and be able to work tirelessly to achieve the most advantageous result for you, maintaining the upmost in respect during this trying time.

Write or amend your Will when your circumstances change

Today everyone needs to have a Will and when there is a major change in your life it is a good time to update your Will and make sure it is current. Remember, a Will helps prevent arguments about your assets and how they are to be divided after you pass away. And costly legal and Executor fees can be avoided by having a Will.

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