Planning a Funeral

The Aussie Over 50s Guide to Helping with Funeral Advice!

It is a very sad time when a person passes away. Unfortunately many of us are not prepared and in these times of sadness some do require assistance and support.

The following information is only an intention to assist and approach the subject.

When selection the type of services you may require depend on whether you are making arrangements for a loved one who has passed or you are wishing to make advanced arrangements.

Regardless your selected Funeral Director is always able to discuss your questions and help you through all of the services available and at the same time explain the charges and reason associated with each service.

The following information is designed to assist you arrange a funeral, including the choice of cemetery or crematorium and other advice about what you need to understand about Funerals.

A funeral or memorial is the customary way to recognise the passing of a person and it's finality.

It is important to understand that a funeral is held where people are able to gather together to celebrate the life and show respect for the departed and at the same time help survivors begin the grief process. A funeral is as much a celebration for the departed as it is for those remaining and living.

A funeral is also a place and time for mourners to celebrate the departed's life an opportunity to share stories of the good times and create memories for the living. It is an occasion to fulfil religious beliefs and customs, and for everyone in attendance to participate in a support process by gathering together at a peaceful place during a time of confusion and uncertainty.

The role of the Funeral Director

Family or Friends selected only need to attend the selected Funeral Home (Parlour) and discuss the situation with the staff and they will take the lead and move you through the process.

They will help you design a funeral plan and guide you what is required of you. Keep in mind that they are professionals and understand that this is a sad and trying time.

It is the job of the funeral director to obtain the documentation and signatures of the attending physician, medical examiner or in some case the coroner, Then they file the documents and certificates with Births Deaths & Marriages on your behalf.

The funeral director will organise the transfer the deceased from the place of death to the Funeral Home. Then make all the preparations to insure that everything goes the way you arranged.

You will be required to determine the budget (if arrangements for the funeral have not been pre-arranged). The funeral Director or staff will help you with this. The departed might have wanted a particular style of resting casket or you might need to select one for them. You will be asked if you require a cremation or burial, then you will be asked about the service and where it is to be held. Some Funeral Homes have services on the premises or you might like select memorial service location such as church, chapel, or graveside.

The Funeral Director will make all the necessary arrangements with clergy, church and cemetery officials. With your help they will compose and submit newspaper and other notices. Some family may wish to have an open casket so time will be needed for those wishing to say personal goodbyes. You may be requested to supply or choose clothing and jewellery.

Other things you will need to consider will be the selection or poems, scripture, readings, photos of the departed. What music you might require - taped, live musicians, piper, other. You might wish to select those that will carry the casket. The floral arrange for the top of the casket and other flowers. Purchase acknowledgement cards, register books, memorial folders. Arrange transportation for the departed and to other vehicles to carry family to and from service.

This is all part of what a Funeral Direct and staff will assist you with.

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