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Cyber Security: A Place To Start

You will need to understand a little about the words used to describe the vocabulary

We will be adding new information about computer (Cyber Security) security on a regular basis

As a computer owner and user you need to master the new cybersecurity skills. Security is a growing problem and people like YOU are being caught!

Check your computer security regularly. You are going to be exposed a number new terms that are constantly growing and evolving.

A number of computer security terms have become rather commonplace in our society, others still remain a little mysterious to those running into them for the first time.

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The following are a few basic Internet and cybersecurity terms that will assist you as you increase your knowledge in this area.

General Internet Cybersecurity Terms for Beginners

Regular cyber security updates will be posted into the member's library.

Antivirus Software

Just about all computer owners and internet users are well aware of computer security programs because they often come supplied in the short term with a new computer. In short security programs protect your computer from the Internet viruses and codes that can take over or area able to quickly disable your or all your computers.

Your security software if installed properly will monitor your computer to prevent viruses attacking and infecting your computer by send and installing updates those updates for you enhancing your protection.

AP (access point)

An Ap is a device that allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network using Wi-Fi or related standards.


People believe that Attackers are people who seem to having nothing better to do but destroy or upset our way of life. While this could be true they can also gain access to your computer and steel your information, gain access to bank account information and so on. These attackers do this on an intentional stage, they compete ACTIVE and PASIVE ATTACKS This is down by attempting to bypass computer security controls.

While attempting an ACTIVE ATTACK those perpetrating the attempt to alter a system's data, resources and or operations.

Those looking to attempt a PASSIVE ATACK are trying to access and use maybe your computer system's information - Other than attempting to alter its resources, operations or data;

Blended Threats

Consider to be very bad people! HACKERS sometimes called CYBER TERRORISTS These people approach computer networks using a blended threat technique to attempt to maximize the damage they are able to inflict by using alternative forms of attack, using both viruses and worms.

Brute Force Attack

This type of attack aims at being the simplest kind of method to gain access to a site: it tries usernames and passwords, over and over again, until it gets in.

To give you an idea, a hacker (cyber terrorist) attacker might attempt to send out an e-mail or emails with Virus or a Trojan horse embedded in a file. An example of named blended threats include both Bugbear and CodeRed


A hacker (cyber terrorist) might attempt an attacks your computer with a BOT - or what is known as a remote control agent! They do this by bypassing the firewall and antivirus software on your computer. (Not Nice) Now once this bot has been installed on your computer, the bot becomes part of a bot network (botnet) that the hacker or bot owner/bot herder can make use of at any time.

Bots are able to be installed using various types of spyware (or malicious logic) on your computer. This allows the bot owner (hacker) to take make use of it and take over your computer whenever it is connected to the Internet. Another term used is “zombie” which is interchangeably with the term "bot".


Remember this term "Cybersecurity" It is known as the "activity or the process". Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and any data from online attacks, damage or unauthorized access by hackers or cyber terrorist. In a computing context, the term security implies cybersecurity.

Cyber Exercise

The global community continues to experience an increase in the scale, sophistication and successful perpetration of cyber-crime. As the quantity and value of electronic information has increased so too have the efforts of criminals and other malicious actors who have embraced the Internet as a more anonymous, convenient and profitable way of carrying out their activities.

Dark Web

The portion of world wide web content not indexed by standard search engines that is generally attributed to hacking and illegal cyber activities.


This is a process of translating plaintext into cipher text.
Also unencrypted data is called plaintext and encrypted data is referred to as ciphertext. Then both main types of encryption are referred to as asymmetric and symmetric.


A firewall is a hardware/software device or a software program that is standard on all computers. It is designed to limit network traffic according the rules of what access is and is not allowed or authorized on your computer.

A Gateway

Can be described as a style of bridge between two computer networks


A computer hacker who's activity is aimed at promoting a social or political cause.

Hacker or cyber terrorist

Is an unauthorized person or user who seeks to maliciously disrupt or permanently damage your computer - or for that matter all your computers or entire networks

The Internet

What is the Internet? While it may seem like a simple question, defining the Internet is not that easy. As unlike any other technology, the Internet can be whatever we make it. We can shape it. We can mould it. But most importantly, we can use it to connect people, communities, and countries around the world. The internet is constantly growing with thousands of computer users regularly communicating with one another and thousands of website coming online almost every day worldwide.

A Keylogger

This is another harmful or malicious program. It is used to infiltrate your computer or computers, this program once installed onto your computer is designed to record information about all of your computer keyboard activities, which includes all your Internet browsing activities, e-mails, what you send and receive and who to and who from all your communications are monitored.

Malicious Code

This term refers to any and all types of software that can be installed in your computer system. Malicious code is able to perform unauthorized activities. Malware is also a term that refers to malicious software that is designed to cause damage or disrupt. This type of code can destroy a computer system by installing viruses, Trojan horses and other harmful programs on your computer.


is a strain of malware that restricts access to a computer system that it infects, and the hacker demands a ransom to be paid to the originator of the malware (the hacker) in order for the restriction to be removed.


These are Internet scam programs. They are designed to contact unsuspecting people via their e-mail address. These are usually people urging you to visit fake websites and these sites look very much like the real thing! They are specially designed to confuse you! They look just like well-known banks or other financial institutions. These perpetrators then attempt to obtain your private information by telling you it is time to update their account passwords or usernames and alike. You need to check with your bank or financial intuition BEFORE you open or answer the email!!!! A number of unwitting people have comply to requests made by these perpetrators and lost thousands of dollars. Opening these types of email, opens the door the all types of fraudsters and potential identity theft.


This is similar to Phishing, however this type of software is installed on a NETWORK of computers and always without the owner's knowledge. Its main goal and purpose is to gather Information, personal, group or other and communicate it to an unknown other parties. Spyware is able to monitor ALL your activities, it is able to collect critical information, bank account details, credit card numbers and usernames and passwords.

Trojan Horse

This type of computer program can be super harmful to your computer, a Trojan horse can be easily installed on your computer, usually while you are downloading unknown programs, files off the Internet or while you are opening up unfamiliar email attachment. A Trojan horse once on your computer will do some harm and needs to be removed as quickly as possible.


A computer virus can be introduce to your computer from an email or an attachment to an email. If you do not know the where the email came from delete it. A virus is harmful "software" that attaches itself to other programs on your computer so it can impair or destroy a computer's ability to function as it should.


Yes a worm! A worm that more or less wiggles its way across your network connections. It is an independent program that continues to replicate or reproduce from machine to machine across and will clog networks and information systems as it spreads.

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