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Website Development

Websites are wonderful because they can hold as much information as you can put on it, relatively speaking, and can be used to promote a product and service, a club or organisation or simply to place the latest news about a subject, group or individual.

You can use the site to promote a hobby or the resultant products, pastime events you are involved in or just as a family site to let everyone know what is happening - the son's wedding photos, the daughter's engagement party or YOUR anniversary celebrations.

Having a Website Built for You

The regular costs to getting your own website online are:-

• Registering your Internet Business Name - Domain Name - eg.

• Having your web pages designed and created - ie. someone to build your website

• A company to host your website - they store the files: pages and pictures for people to view

While the prices may vary, an example for a very basic website can be built and placed online for a few hundred dollars - including hosting and name registration.

The team at Australia My Land consists of a number of web developers - Aboutimeweb - Stacpoole Internet as shown below. We can assign staff to look after your website project from start to finish and then into the future.

Aboutimeweb is also a (Internet Name)Domain Name Registration Company and offer Hosting with Stacpoole Internet allowing our team to look after the whole project.

* It is a good policy to always have your domain name registration and hosting with separate resources or companies in case of a prolonged downtime with the hosting company.

Building Your Own Website

This could be just the thing you are looking for it is a dummy-proof way to build your first website? Building a website from a scratch can be a challenge. But it can be done and just about anyone of any age can do it!..

You can learn a little HTML - that is like learning a new language only it is code - and build your own. Or you can have someone start one for you with two options.

Either using CMS [Client Management System] where you can add content only to the pages once built or have someone start the basic website and learn a little HTML coding to add content.

CMS may sound easy but it can be just as easy to learn HTML and have total control over the website. It will mean you can have a 'cleaner' website without cluttering code that the programme adds but never deletes if you want to change something, even as simplae as text colour. Learning HTML may sound hard but it will be easier in the long run and you will have a better website with fewer frustrations [there will still be some] and one that Search Engines will more quickly find as well.

Now some may say it is easier to use a CMS (Client Management System) like Word Press to build a site, and though we would not discourage this we have found learning HTML is just as easy, if not easier, and it allows you to do so much more.

On the following websites you can find some tutorials to help you get started with HTML and CSS.

Moreover these sites are not just tutorials but you will also find extensive code that can be copied and used on your own website, making it even easier to get online.


Blogging is a term derived from the use of web pages that are actually called WebLogs, or a ongoing LOG of information that is usually started by an individual on one or a range of topics.

There are now a number of FREE Blogging options and the websites that offer these WebLogs, or blogs, give instructions on how to use them.

Some social sites are dedicated to or concentrate on certain topics like the following My Space profile:-


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You can promote your own business, or a friends business, or anything you wish (within the terms and conditions) as well as build your own network of 'friends'.

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