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The Aussie Over 50's Guide to Using all that Spare Time!

Having a hobby helps shape our personalities, energizes and inspire and in many cases helps build new friendships by connecting us with other like-minded men and women.

You might like to SHARE YOUR HOBBIES and interests as they just might inspire another person to get involved in a new hobby.

As your retirement time approaches, it might be time to start looking to set in place a few goals regarding what you are going to do once the children have left home and you have given up work.

Some people seem to be that busy in retirement they wonder when they ever had the time to go to work.

These days, people are traveling overseas and they are getting there by PLANE and CRUISE SHIPS

The cruising season starts in Australia around October and comes slowly to an end around April every year. Planning a cruise or cruises each year can be a great hobby and people are doing just that! Getting on board and having the time of their lives!

Some of those that are retired take drive holidays and travel AROUND AUSTRALIA

Then we have other Aussies that buy caravans and become a part of the moving population and they travel to all sorts of wonderful Australian places.

Some retires are a little more adventurous and they buy four wheel drive vehicles and go off road. And yet others JOIN SOCIAL CLUBS and some peope just want to MEET PEOPLE.


Taking up photography can be a lot of fun and super interesting and the great part is you end up with terrific photos to retain, show others, and maybe sell! - You can learn a lot about photography from books.


Never mind what you have done in the past, NOW could be time to start making money! You are never too old to make money, it is some peoples hobby! The internet makes it easy these days, imagine the enjoyment that could be created by generating an online income stream right into your pocket!

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