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The Aussie Over 50's Guide to Computers and Being Online!


Because you are a Seniors is no reason to miss out on the wonderful advantages of the latest technology?

Many seniors are RUSHING - yes rushing to learn how to use a computer! Just because you look a little different and have the odd wrinkle does not mean your brain has stopped working!

Learning new skills can be a lot of fun and learning how to use a computer can be extra fun as it will open your eyes to so many new and wonderful things and experiences. Like the internet, shopping, the social side like facebook and other social networks and send and receiving emails.

Some of you will remember DICK TRACY, Dick had a watch that he could talk to and see people on? Fiction? Yes it was. NOW it is reality!

Once you start to learn, you can access things like Skype where you can call talk and see the person you are talking to. So those friend that are around the corner or living in other parts of the world, you will be able to talk with them just as if they are in the room with you.

This is interesting and could be a very good starting point - Find a Kiosk

Kiosks for Seniors are located all over Australia. This is a community-based service organization that is funded by the Australian Government providing senior Australians that are aged 50 years and over, with totally free basic training, access to computers, the Internet which is helping to build confidence in using this somewhat new technology.

The ever increasing mental demands of modern technology is driving those over 50 and making them become a lot sharper than previous generations.

Now that is great news for you! So taking the time to learn new computer skills will always be very useful.

You are going to live longer! So scientists tell us, 50 is the new 42, it seems that after research has discovering that the brains of middle-aged people are become much more sharper, younger an alert and this all because of the need to keep up with the demands of modern technology trends.

The scientists also tell us that people over the age of 50 are increasingly scoring higher in the tests results of cognitive function. WOW!

So you not that old really, then a number of researches also believe this is all because of the increasing mental stimulation created from using computers and smart phones.

In the past so called experts have been concern that current technology has been causing those using this type of technology to just stop thinking! So now it seems that people are using more metal skills to use this ever increasing technology. So you are getting smarter because YOU ARE using and operating these so called ever increasing complex gadgets! They are making you smarter!

So you should go buy a new smart phone or laptop today if you do not already have one?

Computer Problems

What do you do when you have a computer problem?

In most cases once people start to use a computer, they can become a little addicted and reliant on this wonderful piece of equipment. People often say how did I ever lived without it.

Once your computer is set up and running and you have access to the internet you can research just about anything, plus you can shop, read, bank and much more. So what happens when you go to your computer and find it is not doing what it should?

PANIC! No! No! Every day of the week people have computer problems.

Put precautions into place, you might start by printing this page and placing in a file called "COMPUTER." Everyone should have a place (a file) where they store information that relates to information that is stored on the computer, even if you have a backup drive. If a computer crashes you can lose everything! And if your back up drive is on the same computer or plugged in the information can also be lost.

It is a very good idea to had a book with all your user name and pass words listed and keep it in a safe place.

Steps to Take

1. Take a deep breath and exhale, phew! Turning the computer issue into a drama in your mind can only make things worse.

2. When you turn on the computer and an ERROR is showing on the screen, take a photo of the screen. This could help if you need to call the computer repair man. The picture will show the repairer the actual wording that was displayed in the error. You should also take note of the time, date and day you took the photo. That might assist the repairer search through the logs files in your computer to track the cause of the issue.

3. Make a note of what it was that you were doing at the time the error happened. Eg I clicked to open a search in Google and the screen went blue?

4. Make a note of anything strange that happened just before the error. Eg funny noises comping from the computer, or messages popping up. A burning smell, it happened during a storm.

At times a fix can be as simple as pulling in a cable

A few things you might like to check before you call the repair man. Keeping in mind if something went BANG or a BURING smell happened DON NOT turn on the computer, unplug it from the power source and call for help.

A. Check all the cords and cables from the power point are firmly in place.

B. Check all the cords from the computer to the screen, mouse, speakers, microphone, webcam, modem are all firm and in place, over time cords and cables can work loose.

C. No sound: Check if the sound is muted. Check to see if the speaker cable is pluged into the GREEN hole at the back of the computer.

D. No picture: Check to see that the screen is turned on. Make sure all the cables are in place, they could look firm but check just the same.

E. Computer will not power up: Check the power point ansd all cords and cable are firmly in place, again.

F. Lap top or notebook will not power up: Check charging is working and be sure all is plugged in firmly. If you can remove the battery, take it out and put it back in, sometimes this helps.

G. No internet: Check all the lights on the modem are lit. If you have other computers check to see if they have the internet. If so shut your computer down and restart. If the modem lights are not all lit, turn the modem off for a few minutes and then turn it back on to reset. Also check to see if your phone line is plugged in and check for dial tone. You the modem does not re start, call your internet provider and check to see if they have an outage..

If all else fails call the repair man.

Building Your Own Website

This could be just the thing you are looking for it is a dummy-proof way to build your first website? Building a website from a scratch can be a challenge. But it can be done and just about anyone of any age can do it!..


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