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Is 50 The New 30 - ANSWER - YES!

50 the new 30?

The question Is?

Is reaching 50 the mark or the beginning of old age?

No, NO ,NO is it NOT!!!

Many women have more energy in their 50s then they did in their 20s

The About Over 50 website is about promoting good health and staying young, the old saying,

"You are as old as you feel is very important:"

It is awful to see advertisements for those that are over 50 doing exercises or taking Tai Chi or Yoga classes that show pictures of grey-haired oldies straining to just bend over. Don't these advertisers realise that people just turn off when they see these images?

Yes we will age but let us do it in a fashion that that keeps us feeling and looking young and young at heart!

Women 50 plus can do everything they did when they were in there 20s and more! Doing the splits and handstands might not be you go, but you do have that empowering acceptance and understand that with age comes the knowledge of what suits you.


Turning 50 is not the end, far from it! If anything it is a new starting point! Some women just get out there and start doing things they have never done before like going clubbing, now that is a change! Some hire personal trainers, others start a business, or take up Pilates get you bum back, learn to play golf or just go walking with your partner. The important thing is not to JUST SIT!


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While women 50 plus can do everything they did when they were in there 20s and more! But! Onset menopause must be taken into consideration and it is possible that it could start happening from the younger age of 36 or as late 60. However the average starting age is around 50, which of course creates another problem that needs to be thought about by women.

Menopause is like a hormonal roller-coaster ride, and discomfort sometimes comes with the process and that could include night sweats along with mood swings and extreme tiredness and fatigue. Women going through menopause often need more rest than they did when they were younger.

Keeping in mind that most women do not need treatment of menopausal symptoms. Some women discover that menopause symptoms just disappear by themselves, and other women do not find the symptoms uncomfortable at all. There is help womenshealth.gov

While it is not a lot of fun those women 50 plus should not be feeling ashamed to admit that they starting to see the od wrinkle or the skin is starting to sag a little, grey hair is showing? All these things can be adjusted, have you not heard of hair die and facial creams?

You might have to work out a little harder to maintain the results than you did some time back. There are plenty of on online work outs that you can do from home all you need do is search and many of them are free! Or there are gyms everywhere these days.

Many of us enjoy a social drink or two, it might be a good Idea to cut back just a little on the grog! As hangovers at 50Plus are not that much fun either.

Read the article on RED WINE

Women approaching, turning or those that have already reached the great age of 50 should feel very comfortable. In fact 'LOVE', that that they have reach this wonderful milestone in their lives.

The new 50 plus means women can still have fun and sometimes a lot more fun now that they are over 50 because they have the knowledge and the power they did not have in their 20s. Women over 50 can still wear those sassy clothes, well we might need to make a few slight changes to how the garment falls and we do know and understand that we will have to adjust my wardrobe as we grow older. But! So What? Everything can be fixed, all that is needed is the will power

Have fun at 50 plus!

Please Note: No medical information is published on this website and articles show are not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and the reader is advised not to take any action before consulting with a health care professional.

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