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Ginger, Cucumber and Mint Lemonade Zinger

How about this cool and very healthy drink refreshes and delicious zinger, a drink you can place in a cool place and enjoy it all day! Make it in around 2 minutes!

A very cleansing drink that is a lot better for you than sugar filled soft drinks and the ingredients are readily available all year round. Home gardeners can grow all that is required.

How to Make the Ginger, Cucumber, and Mint Lemonade

The following ingredients will make around two litres. Thus giving you and the family an excellent tonic to drink to enjoy throughout the day. You will find it delicious in every way and if you put the dink together with a proper, low fat diet and a little exercises, you will find it a great fat burner.


Start with 2 litres of cold water

One medium size lemon

One medium size cucumber

About two table spoons of grated ginger

A dozen mint leaves

Ice cubes


Start by placing the mint leaves into a medium saucepan (one that will hold about two litres) with about a cup of water and bring to a boil. Once it has started to boil turn the heat off and allow the mint to sit for about five minutes.

Drain most of the water off the mint, then take the lemon and squeeze the lemon juice in the mix. Next cut three or four lemon zests from the left over lemon, this will be used later. So place them to one side.

Peel the cucumber and if you have a blender, blend it if not crush the cucumber an mash it until the juices are flowing. Then place that into the sauce pan with the lemon juice and mint mixture.

Add a litre and a half of tap or preferably spring water, then pure the mixture into a glass container. Be sure it is well mixed then add two teaspoons of grated ginger, now you can use the lemon zests that were put to the side, add ice cubes and for a little more colour and flavour add a few mint leaves to rest on the top.

It is now ready to drink; ENJOY!

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