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The question is - Is Testosterone Therapy Really Safe?

Do some research and take a close look at the facts before you jump in!

Remember it is very important to understand some of the potential risks at play, consider the alternatives before enhancing or altering your hormones.

Lots of Australian men are using prescription testosterone in the form of gel therapy and others are injecting all to help restore normal levels of the manly hormone.

We have in Australia a situation where the pharmaceutical companies are adverting promises that treating "low testosterone " is a way of making our men feel more, energetic, alert, on top of thing mentally and that the therapy will increase their sexually functionality.

Men need to be very careful, because some legitimate safety concerns linger. As an example, some and we must stress some older men on testosterone therapy could face higher cardiac risks.

So it stands to reason that testosterone replacement therapy should be used with much caution in older men especially those men with known cardiovascular disease, according to a position statement from Australian endocrine specialists. "Men should be mindful of the possible long-term complications."

It should be noted that in the second part of an updated guide on testosterone prescribing published in the Medical Journal of Australia, the Endocrine Society of Australia states that the evidence on cardiovascular risk linked to the therapy is "contradictory and inconclusive".

Some of the Signs of Low Testosterone to Look For

The Mind

• Depresion

• Reduced self-confidence

• Difficulty concentrating

• Disturbed sleep

The Body

• Declining muscle and bone mass

• Increased body fat

• Fatigue

• Swollen or tender breasts

• Flushing or hot flashes

Sexual Function

• Lower sex drive

• Fewer spontaneous erections

• Difficulty sustaining erections

The Benefits of Optimal Testosterone

Mens Health

Be Prudent

It is advisable to be somewhat prudent until more evidence is made available. It might be best to only use testosterone treatments with a degree of caution especially in older men with known to have some form of cardiovascular disease.

Just because you are feeling a little tired is not enough to go get a prescription for testosterone therapy!. "General fatigue or feeling a little down is a long way down the list." However if one has significant symptoms, they will need to have a pathology test. Just keep in mind that in most men the testosterone level is normal.

Very few men taking a testosterone supplementation experience immediate side effects, but some do! Acne break outs, difficulty breathing while sleeping, breast can swell or become tender, swelling in the ankles, high red blood cell counts which can increase the risk of blood clotting.

So for now, it would seem that the long-term risks of testosterone therapy are "known unknowns." It can offer some men who feel not so good an opportunity feel better, but often those quick fix solutions could distract attention from other unknown long-term hazards.

Different types of energy boosters

You can always boost energy by getting out and doing things with out the assistance of drugs.

Walking: even if it is just around the house

Gardening: bending over and digging in the garden can give you energy and it can be fun watching things grow

Set a Pace for Yourself: take the time look carefully at your daily activities and spread them throughout the day. A morning walk - House maintenance - Business activities - Lunch with friends.

Do Anything: but just keep moving!

Snack Well: eat a snack with fiber and protein between meals.

Please Note: No medical information is published on this website and articles show are not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and the reader is advised not to take any action before consulting with a health care professional.

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