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Help on how to Stop Snoring!

Snoring can cause "Sleep Depravation" Not enough sleep or disruptions to the sleep-wake cycle, such as those that may occur by being disturbed by a partners snoring cause's the physiological state known as fatigue.

Fatigue can cause irritability, emotional issues, stress, depression, grief and lack of motivation and you can do all of this to your partner while you are asleep.

Both men and women complain about a partners thundering keeping them awake at night!

It is common that many people believe that snoring is all about men. That is not true! Snoring affects both men and women.

Women do talk to each other about many things, but the subject of snoring is less likely to come up in conversation because it is viewed as un-lady-like or unattractive.


1. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that happens when breathing is interrupted during sleeping, in simple terms not enough oxygen gets into the system. Snoring can be a symptom.

2. You Are Not Well

When one is ill, this can cause one to start snoring.

In some cases a non-snoring person can turn into an heavy snorer for the term of an illness. This can happen when people have something like virus or flu, both of which can cause nasal congestion and other breathing difficulties.

3. Smoking Can Cause Snoring

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Smoking Can Equal Snoring; For Some People

Smoking can cause snoring, maybe just only a little at first but more and more as the years go by. Smoking cause's irritation to the airways, this irritation can cause the flow of air into the body to suffer from turbulence. Then the turbulence can quickly cause the soft tissues to vibrate which causes snoring.

4. Medicines Can Causes Snoring

Prescription drugs - Some medications have an effect on the body's tissues - They can act as soporifics which make people drowsy, causing temporary relaxation of the soft palate and other tissues around the mouth, nose and neck. This drowsiness or relaxation can causes a narrowing of the airway and snoring starts.

5. People over weight

As we age we often put on a few extra kilo's and this can be a snoring source.

If it often the case that people who are over-weight tend to have thicker and fattier necks. This leads to a narrowing of the airway and makes it more difficult for a person to breathe while sleeping. Should you be over-weight and you have noticed a correlation between your weight gain and snoring your answer is a simple one. Lose weight!

6. Getting Older

As we age we can develop a snoring issue, Sad but true, it is a fact of life that as we get older our bodies become less efficient at doing what they are meant to do.

So as our age increases, weight issues come into play and muscle tone decreases, the medication we take as we age has an effect. Hormonal changes that come with the menopause, all these things can cause snoring and sometimes in people that have not previously snored.

Should you find that snoring issues have crept up on you with age you might benefit from investigating some of the snoring remedies that are out there. It is recommend that investigation is warranted and experimenting can be important because getting a good night's sleep is essential to good health. As we age our bodies do take longer to regenerate from a time when we were younger and a good sleep is very important and becomes necessary part of our regeneration process.

7. Enjoying an Alcoholic Drink Or Two

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Drinking in moderation can be a good thing, they say a glass of red wine does you more good than bad, BUT ! A lot of drinking is not so good!

Alcohol is partaken by many or us and is considered to be normal part of our society and accepted as so. However it is important to know your limits, particularly if you are prone to snoring.

Alcohol may make up happy and help you enjoy nights out and no one wants to take that away, but keep in mind it has a sedative effect on our bodies.

Should you drink too much alcohol you will sleep very deeply indeed and as such your body tissues will be almost anesthetized. Then your internal facial tissues such as your uvula and soft palate will relax much more, thus impeding airflow and cause the vibration which we know as snoring.

8. Sleeping Positions

It is possible that snoring can be caused by sleeping in the wrong position. Partners often push one another other over, waking the sleeping party and saying "You're SNORING roll over."

Just about everyone has a certain side of the bed they sleep on, but keep in mind if you do sleep on your back you maybe setting yourself up for snoring problems in the future.

Sleeping on the back can cause the airways to collapse in on itself thus leading to excess air in the mouth and therefore vibration of the tissues - or snoring. People who sleep on their side can still snore, because the position of their tongue and mouth on their sides can lead to air blockages.

9. Possible Damaged Facial Structures

Snoring can be caused by vibration in the soft tissues of your mouth, so deformities in these structures can make you more prone to snore. Nasal breathing to health and wellbeing is very important so those with nasal problems can also be prone to snoring.

10. Breathing Through the Mouth

Humans are able to breathe through both nose and mouth. It is proven when we preforming strenuous work or exercise we will often use our mouth to breathe, in order to suck more oxygen than we can through using our nose. However, should a person continually use their mouth to breath this can lead to problems.

Breathing through the nose is vitally important to a good night sleep. Taking in air in through the nose adds nitric oxide to the air that passes into the lungs, thus helping the lungs absorb more oxygen. So if the nose is congested or stuffed up, one must use the mouth to breathe, this can aggravate snoring.

Please Note: No medical information is published on this website and articles show are not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and the reader is advised not to take any action before consulting with a health care professional.

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