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The Aussie Over 50's Guide to Help In Giving Up Smoking!

Have you heard the statement - "Smoking will never harm you?" Those statements come with words like "My uncle lived until he was 86 and had a great life" and "I smoke, sure I have a little wheeze and small cough from time to time, but that's nothing everyone have that?"

These words could only come from a smoker! One thing you can be assured of is that a little wheeze and a small cough can only lead to more health problems in the coming years for anyone to thinks that way. Further, what's to say his uncle might of lived to 100 should he have not have smoked.

Even tho some people don't wish to give up completely YET! But the time will come when it becomes more difficult to do things that once came easy. The wheeze will get heaver and could turn into emphysema or even worse lung cancer and that little cough sometimes just won't stop. Something to look forward to?

To give up smoking, a person must first decide that they are ready to give up and from that time on begins the arduous task begins.

Understand it is was not that easy to start? Your very first cigarette was a light and you sucked in the smoke and then cough and felt dizzy but you pressed on because you thought it was the thing to do at the time.

Giving up also has a degree of difficulty attached to it, especially in the first few days and weeks. Your body has gained a dependence on nicotine and when you give up you are going to suffer from withdraws and it could make you irritable, hard to live with, sometimes aggressive, depressed, even anxious you could suffer form sleepless nights and nauseous. BUT do not despair it can be done, thousands of people have already made the effort and succeeded.

So it is your turn! You have decided to give up smoking, but don't know how to do it? Your in luck as a team of researchers has put in the time and analysed what works and what doesn't.

The not so good effects of smoking are very well known and as a smoker that wants' to give up, you don't need to be told, every cigarette pack and Television commercial is keeping you up to speed and if you haven't noticed its getting harder and harder to smoke in any public place or restaurant.

Remember once you stop - the easiest thing to do to relieve all the suffering is light up a smoke.

Your doctor is the very best person to give you advice on the best therapy, a non smoking doctor would be a good person to talk to? Smokers with heart trouble now or in the past, who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding, should defiantly consult their doctors before using any therapy. For people smoking 10 or more cigarettes a day, nicotine replacement therapy helps boost the odds of quitting and relives the pangs of wanting to light up.

Heavy smokers wishing to cut back can start by introducing a programme such as not smoking in the car or not in the house, not before morning tea and so on. Anyone can give up for a few hours at a time. All you need do is extend that time over a period until you might not smoke at night or the week end and until one day in the future you only smoking one or two a day and enjoying each one until you're ready to stop!

Just as long as you understand this method is harder and takes will power.

A little hint: DO NOT TELL ANYONE YOU ARE GIVING UP! Keep that to yourself or a very trusted friend only. Armed with the facts you have a much better chance of quitting, it should be said without any help, the chances of successfully giving up are low. BUT you can do it!

Please Note: No medical information is published on this website and articles show are not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and the reader is advised not to take any action before consulting with a health care professional.

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