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In general terms some Australian men can be quite fastidious about our their hobbies, goals and other interests.

It really does not matter to our field of expertise, we could be labourers, farmers, truckers, miners, solicitors or doctors. Most men take great pride in looking after their homes, cars or other types of machinery and if we are unable to do it we pay someone to get it done!

It goes without saying with the right maintenance plan in place our gear will always be in top notch condition saving us cash in the longer term, often avoid costly repairs.

Yet when it comes to men's health many men believe that is 'masculine' to tough it out when in pain or have a health issue arising in them PUTTING OFF going to seek medical advice?

The idea of thinking "I will wait a while and see if this gets better by itself" is a joke! WRONG THINKING!!

We need to think more carefully and get better at understanding we are MEN and should not keep secrets about our health. Aussie men need realise that other men have problems too; you are not alone! We need to talk about them with one another, get things out in the open. You will feel a lot better for it if you do.

Some Changes in Men After 50

It is a known fact that as men start to get older their bodies also go a number of changes, some good and some not so good. To some men this can be a scary time in their lives because men start to become a little more restricted when doing the things they enjoy and love.

It must be said that everyone is different and changes will come or tend to come before 50 or later. The effects of the aging process affect men in different ways as they get older, simply because of genetics. As an example, some men lose their hair in parts, others in one spot, some lose the hair all together and some just thin out a little.

Every man should do a little searching on the internet to source out information about the major changes in men leading up to and after 50 years. Men will find in most cases that there are four common occurrences that need to be thought about. Understanding these common occurrences or changes will allow those reaching the ripe age of fifty plus to be proactive as to lessen the effect on the body, and more importantly the MIND.

A few changes that one might like to be watchful for:-

Changes in Muscle

As men age or get on in years and in most cases over 50 years, they will or could notice a reduction in muscle movement. Over a life time many men are known to have done the heavy work, lifting, pulling and pushing, some have completed the real tough jobs, so it stands to reason, muscles can become more restricted over time.

It is know that as men roll toward fifty years of age, men's muscles lose elasticity, and sometimes creates to issue of mussels starting to stiffen.

Men need to understand a little about what causes arthritis?

What Is Muscular Arthritis?

The symptoms of muscular arthritis develop because of inflammation in the muscles and often affect movement. Common symptoms include difficulty walking up a flight or stairs, trouble lifting the arms, trouble standing up from a sitting position, difficulty breathing or swallowing or fatigue after standing or walking. Many of these symptoms may also indicate another medical condition and should be reported to your doctor.


Things also change with men's mussels because as they slowdown from the work they once did. Tone and mass sometimes begins to lessen within the muscle, which can cause arthritis.

It is very important that all men continue to do the things they love and enjoy, at the same time continue to use the muscle groups regularly. This will help to reduce pain in the muscle. Joining a gym or a walking club complete regular stretching exercises will help.


Drinking Plenty of Water

Water Shortage in Body in the body can be an issue. Men running toward 50 start to lose a lot of water in their bodies. When a man's body is younger it consists of 61% water, but once we start to age and get to that magic fifty years the water levels starts to lower to around 54% A man body needs lots of water to function.

Drinking lots of water is a very natural way of cleansing the body, so it goes without saying that if you drink less water it is harder for the body to cleanse itself. Keep a glass of water nearby at all times as it is very important to drink water and increase water intake when you turn 50 years old. The recommended amount to drink a day is between 3 to 7 liters.

Testosterone Levels

For many years there has been a debate going on with researchers that claim that when testosterone lowers with age it has to do with lifestyle changes like eating habits, illnesses, and obesity, of course the debating contimues.

It is important to note that free testosterone in your body also lowers as men head to fifty years and beyond, simply because more is required by the muscle to repair tissue damage, this is common as men age. As free testosterone is being used somewhere in other parts of the body other areas can suffer like the experience of lower libido and sex drive.

Men can combat lower testosterone cause by aging, Men in general should exercise more, when a man is in good condition (better shape), they do not have as much muscle damage because of activity. Just MOVING will help! Keeping up fitness levels means the free testosterone in the body are not being used somewhere else?

If the gym is part of the lifestyle, it is a good idea to focus on those exercises that will increase testosterone. For Example squats, bench presses, and back exercises. Target the bigger muscle groups, lift heavier and do more so the will release testosterone into your bloodstream creating more POWER!

Testosterone Therapy

Just because you are feeling a little tired is not enough to go get a prescription for testosterone therapy!. "General fatigue or feeling a little down is a long way down the list." However if one has significant symptoms, they will need to have a pathology test. Just keep in mind that in most men the testosterone level is normal.



A number of Australians have cholesterol levels that are too high! In fact greater than 240 mg/dL - This level is higher than it should be for a healthy person's heart.


Cholesterol Lowering Foods

The right foods and diet can help in the fight against Cholesterol.


Australian Men Killers

Alarming did you known that Australian men over women are a lot more likely to move toward serious health problems. It would seem that three men for every two women die from preventable health problems and compared to women, men do not take time out to spend with the doctor they usually wait until the issue or illness is in the later stages.


Mental Instability Depression, Memory loss, or even Anxiety

Some men do suffer from instability, depression, memory loss, and anxiety. After turning 50 years old, this is NOT the norm. It is just as men start to slow down, changes do begin to take over the body. So some men do get concerned as they should because this time of a man's life is usually one of the most important times. Some call it midlife crises. It needs to be said that life does not end at fifty, sixty or beyond. 50 is only a number, some men do consider "the negative" changes, and this can have a mental impact on them. It can be so easy to see aging or reaching 50 as a positive.

Fact facts when a man reaches 50 years or more they in general understand that some of them no longer have the energy they had when they were 19 years old. There is NO reason for men to be harsh on themselves because of getting older. Most men have gained much knowledge about life at this time and are looking forward to the next challenge. Keep in mind the good news is that mental instability can be solved by just looking at things differently and of course keeping the mind active and the body busy.

We all get older every day and as such age can only slow a good man down when he lets it. The answer is often again to stay active, join a club, go walking, JUST START MOVING and most importantly always stay positive.

Australian Men Looking Great

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