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The Aussie Over 50s Guide to Heart Health

Heart Protection

Five simple ways that will help you protect your biggest asset!

The following are five science backed lifestyle statements that will help to keep your blood pressure down and your heart stronger by pumping longer if you put them into practice.

High Blood Pressure may NOT have any symptoms. BUT it can affect one in three people. In most case you can not feel or see it! So many people don't think about it day after day? Hypertension can become more common with age and as stated has very few if any symptoms.

The first realisation can come with a HEART Attack! WOW! Now that is a warning!

So! That is why hypertension is often called the SILENT KILLER.. Ahhh!!

The really good news is that with a few simple lifestyle changes you can improve the chances of not having a heart attack and you will be quite surprised with some of the recommendations.


CHEERS! Now we are taking the benefits of NON-ALCOHOLIC red wine, but there is nothing wrong with a glass or two of a full blooded red from time to time. Just keep the full strength stuff to a minimum. They say the wine will assist in lowering the blood pressure in four weeks!

The alcohol free drink will increase the levels of notric oxide, which is a molecule that helps blood vessels relax, so is stands to reason that more blood will reach your bodies organs, including the HEART! Side effects - No hang over!


Interesting! People who eat one or more 170g serving of dairy low fat yoghurt twice a week are around 30% less likely to develop high blood pressure. Make it your snack choice? Low fat - Low sugar yoghurt might need a little sweetening so try adding a few fresh berries ands nuts for a little crunch.


A little exercise won't hurt? All it takes is for you to make a start and if you're not doing a little resistance work now would be a very good time to give it a go! You're not getting any younger.

A recent study found that women who pumped iron had a significant drop in systolic blood pressure, up to five points, that's the top number shown in a blood pressure reading machine. Then the other drop from the bottom reading was between and eight and nine points.

One needs to remember that the effects of a workout last long after the workout was completed. You could attempt to combine a little strength work with cardio that will work.

Or take up Dancing and mix it with a little Pilate moves just for fun that will improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness. If you join a dance club or a Pilate's group you will make new friends too and that has a great benefits.


Soak it up! Grab some of that wonderful vitamin "D" Just a few minutes in the sun could help lower your blooded pressure. It is amazing that we live in the land of sunshine and enjoy the outdoors. Yet some propel just don't get enough vitamin "D".

People who reverse their vitamin "D" deficiency also improve their blood pressure in some case up to a drop of 4.5 points after a few months. All you need is a few minutes of sunlight a day on your face, arms and legs. Don't like the sun? Well you might have to ask your GP to recommend a vitamin "D" supplement.


More friends mean more time out enjoying yourself, more time out means more exercise. Plus loneliness can push up blood preasure by three or more points a year and we do not want that!

You should take you social life and relationships very seriously, a regular catch up with friends over a glass of red would be good so then you win twice!

Join a waking group, no that is not true you are never to old to go for a walk and if you made it a power walk with friends you blood pressure will improve and so will your wellbeing and over health.

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