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10 Very Simple Tips For Men And Women To Stay Fit Over 50

10 tips for staying healthy, fit, and best of all HAPPY in your 50s and later. 50s and 60s even 70 does not mean "OLD" nor does it mean SENIOR! As a person looking to move toward retirement you need to toss out a number of words and the above are two of them - OLD and SENIOR!.

You are as old as you feel and 50 - 60 even 70 is NOT - Whoops Do not use those words!! If you think of yourself as XXX then you will act XXX. 50s and 60s really means MIDLIFE and that is the PRIME time in your life! You have picked up heaps of knowledge over the years let's put that to good use.

Yes no matter what people say, there is a mind and body connection! So to be in tip top shape we need not just physical work we need to get mentally in shape as well.

Attitude is everything, "think and act young and you are young". Thinking positive is being positive, it is a fact! That the placebo effect is very real! Every one over 50 can take advantage and make it work for them, it is very simple have a positive, excited outlook on life and really believe in your heart of hearts and soul for that matter that you can change your physical appearance thru exercise and you will do it! By the way the placebo effect work both ways think you won’t and you won't. Do not become the pessimistic victim.

1. Develop Special Interests

Cultivate your passion, do not be one of those people who is left wondering what will they do in retirement! Be prepared you are going to be so busy you will wonder how the heck did you fit in the hours to go to work?

The time is NOW, long before retirement you look to make up your bucket list. In most cases people already have a passion and look to totally immerse themselves in it. BUT if you don't have a passion that's ok too, you will still have lots to do! Just make a start on making a list of all the things small and large that you would like to do and achieve. So now we need to toss out another word. RETIREMENT! You will not need it and don't ever tell people you are retired, just say I moved onto the next stage of your life.

It is a fact - When you start following your real passion, magical things do happen. You feel very comfortable in the place you are at, your energy increases. When you wake you're ready to go your excited and looking forward to the day ahead.

Yes you will sleep better, one because your tied and tired like you have never been before, your mood improves too, and you are generally motivated about life. If your passion is collecting tea pots then get started NOW. Read everything you can about Tea Pots, drive yourself into a situation where you are the world's number one expert, JOIN CLUBS , MAKE A WEBSITE Who knows, what your passion might be end being, it might even be an income generator and make you money from doing what you really enjoy.

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