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Here are a few ways to help people over 50 to find work they enjoy and love.

Most over 50's do become a little concerned about age discrimination when seeking work and worry and that is with good reason. Many people are finding it more and difficult to attract and land a position that they feel suits them in today's harsh environment. So many larger corporations are favouring younger applicants and more and more casual and contract work is being offered. So the question is; how do people who have gain years of valuable knowledge and experience create the chances to compete successful job applications with the younger generation?

You have an opportunity just like everyone else, there is a job, a very good job out there just waiting for you to find it!

It goes without saying that staying motivated is not easy when you get knocked down time and time again it saps energy and affects our creativity thinking.

Remember you are a HUNTER, the challenge for you is to not act as though you are in survival- mode, but attack mode!

Our research has come up with six positive ways to help you find a good job that suits you!

Keep in mind that employers are looking to pay you to perform specific functions.

Hunt like a detective! Target your prey, hunt for clues look to see how you and the workplace best fit together. We are searching for the right job, not just any job!

So let's start by making up a list of all your talents.

This list is not a resume it's a list of your talents, it is not to be show to anyone, it is all about opening your eyes to who you are and what you have to offer a future employer. Making a list builds confidence and shows who you are, SO GET TO IT!

Need few ideas to get you started?

Let's get the age thing out of the way. If you're worried about your age or how you look, you need to change your thinking!

Stop looking into mirrors!

People in there sixties, seventies and eighties only look older they DO NOT FEEL OLDER. And you are the same! The brain still mostly operates and functions as it always has and in many cases it works better and beside your brain is crammed packed full of knowledge you have accumulated over many years, that younger people DO NOT have.


Ok back to the list

A. Are you physically fit for work?

If so good! If not add that to your list, keeping in mind if you feel good and healthy you will look good!

B. What things come naturally to you?

What are you good at, what things do you like to do in your spare time, do you play sport and maybe you're brilliantly at something in particular... Write it all down!

C. Make some notes on why employers need you?

Work and life experiences, what you have achieved in life already and what you still want to achieve.

The Following Six Things Might Help!

1. Be a job hunter detective: Always remembering that employers pay you to perform specific functions. We need to search for clues about how you and your knowledge fit into the workplace. We don't want you to fall into the wrong position. So! Start your job hunting thinking about all the things that you do in your daily life and apply those to what you will do happily in a job roll. Think about what you can apply naturally to a job roll, perhaps your very, very good at something that my impress a new employer. Think about the talents you have that not many can emulate and ad in your lifetime of experiences.

2. Design your career first: So some of us do not need to take on the first job that comes along and if that is you, you are in a position to stet out a plan of action. So you can place job hunting on hold in the short term. Your action plan starts with a target, like in real hunting we need to a just our sights and line up the target. We do the same by making our job hunting target clear and specific. You're in a position to design your future career path first. Then your job searching becomes more targeted and specific and you know exactly what you are going after.

3. Research the jobs on offer: Grab the local paper, for that matter get a number of the newspapers and scan the ads until you find a position or positions that you feel fit your requirements. Go online a search the internet, lots and lots of business are adverting jobs with online agencies. Now you have found a number that you might consider. Next we complete a little research on each advertisement, go online and find the company or business, learn a little about them, you might call a few people and ask questions about the position so you can learn exactly what the job you are considering is all about. So now armed with that information we can start cropping, until you can decide on one or two specific job descriptions. This places you in the position of power, keeping in mind that sending out dozen of applications can mean lots of disappointment replies or no replies at all. So we are going to TARGET one or two at a time, setting you up with a definite target.

4. What are your strengths: Always keep in your mind you are in control, you have the knowledge and being over 50 gives you an advantage over younger workers, because you have the experience and wisdom to get the job done. So you hold the power, so be confident. Some companies, business or organizations search for applicants with the perfect resume. So they flick over dozens of applications and discard many, which is very unfortunate because the perfect application does not reflect the perfect person for the job. So not matter what you do in these circumstance you application might not be considered. But you can do something about that, by simply updating and improve the way your resume is put together. Then on the on the other hand, there are companies, business or organizations in an ever-more-competitive world searching the applications for the best person for the position. So you need to focus on your strengths and while it might be difficult sometimes, you need to remain positive keep firmly in your mind you are over 50 and you the right person for the job.

5. Smart job search: In many cases those that advertise for staff often look to employ people they know or know of. You have heard the term "head hunted" This term is used when companies, business or organizations chase after someone that is employed or has been employed in the same or similar roll. This person has normally excelled or done well in the roll and is sort after. It goes without say that very few people find the perfect job through online job agency listings. So one of the most effective strategies is to find creative ways to get in front of those decision-makers to meet and speak with them, talk directly to people who could actually hire you. Then in the future when a position becomes available, you are known to them and your resume becomes secondary. This is call knocking on doors, do not be afraid to put yourself out there do not be afraid to ask for a job!

6. Last but not least: It is very important not to give up; persist - keep at it! Employers have a choice and they receive some times Hundreds of applications, so to complete and active job hunting campaign takes time. It is guaranteed that you will be rejected several times, maybe many times, before you score the job you want. Remember you have the power, you are in control dismiss the rejections, those companies, business or organizations, as they did not get you. So they lost big time. By realizing that you will hear "NO" before you hear "YES". It is just part of the job hunting game. It is not a failure to be rejected for a job so do not feel you have missed out. THEY MISSED OUT!

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