Fifty PLus Women at Life

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Women 50 Plus Are Self-Assured

Women have learned that they can depend on themselves and they remain very open to new ideas and business opportunities. Women 50 plus are more able to accept change, they tackle life head on and move ahead. Women know what they like and what they do not like and will not be influenced because it might be trendy.

Women 50 Plus can be very Sexy

There comes a time when a woman needs to get over the odd wrinkle or two. A woman 50 plus is more mature, knowledgeable she knows and understands the rules of engagement. She has better make up and dress sense, she knows what to display and how to display it! Thus making her far sexier in many ways over her younger counterpart.

Many women 50 plus look better today than they did when they were in there 30s. And if you don't, you know how to fix it! Women know how to get into shape fast, they can be very determined and positive to the idea of looking sexy. There is no such thing as dressing like a 50 year old, just about everyone 50 plus setting goals to dress younger without dressing to young. Women know themselves, what looks right on them, and dress to complement their best assets. A womans sense of personal style comes after decades of experimenting, they learn over time what feels good and comfortable, what looks dazzling and smart.

We were told nice girls do not do particular things, let's hope you are past that! It is said that women in 50 plus make the very best lovers, as they know their sexuality. As a woman ages, their sexuality and feelings become extremely important, and she is looking for more enjoyment.

More and more woman 50 plus are visiting a gym and working out, they spend more time shopping, travelling and spending time with friends. They are out to lose weight get fitter and look good. Many are changing there thinking, style of dressing and make up. Woman 50 plus are getting in to leather, hip-hugging stretched jeans and smarter clothing, they are out to improve everything. And in many cases their sex life has improved with it.

Women 50 Plus are having more fun

Woman have learned that being 50 plus can be a perfect age as it can be an excuse to get out of something we did not want to do anyway. Woman 50 plus have already properly learnt to laugh out loud and can appreciate spontaneous humor, realizing they no longer have to act "perfect" because no woman is perfect. Further women have recognized that their talents do not know age, they understand the value of taking risks, pushing boundaries and personal comfort levels, even reinventing themselves.

Woman can be self-employed and have fun. They can take classes at the local Tafe or university and what is not surprising, they can make friends with students of all ages. Woman 50 plus are discovering that they are able to act like teenagers whenever they feel like it and family and friends think that just wonderful. Once a woman is child free (for some people this can be a sad time) however every woman comes to an understanding that they now have a lot more time to do the things they always wanted to do.

Women 50 plus Know What They Like

Woman 50 plus learn to energize their lives by using their inner wisdom. They understand life only works well if it is fueled from what they have inside, not from something they have read online or in a woman's magazine. Many woman 50 plus participate in numerous things, but what drives them is what is true and it much come from within.

Women 50 plus are wise

Woman at 50 plus start to realize that they are not on the down side but up on the up side of life, they are finding they have so much they can do and so much more they are able to contribute. Woman 50 plus have time to reflect on the past and time to plan for the fun times to come. Woman can see as time passes that life has this ability to heal and that the full implications of events past or in the future are not always evident. A good example of this is what they considered to be an unhappy experience can turn into a happy one.

Woman 50 plus need to be looking for purpose in life. Those 50 plus already know the meaning of the wisdom of surrender, letting go of grievances and moving forward. They know what is important and what is not, they have more compassion, more acceptance, for themselves and others. They are no longer shamed by their own humanity and are now looking for fun things they would love to do.

Women 50 plus are just making a start

On reflection women 50 plus are definitely not the same person their mother was at 50! Times change, today the old 30 is now the young 50. The over 50s have access to a global experience with the internet, free information about everything, cheap air fares, and cruising. The over 50 woman today has the knowledge over those in past times. Today, the sky's no longer the limit, people are talking about planes that fly to the moon and further, we are able to bungee jump, ride horses, scuba dive, travel to exotic places. There really is something really special about being 50 plus in the realization of how young 50 is and how much more to life there is.

Women 50 plus are loving life and realize that it is only going to get better


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