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What Are Fifty PLUS! Villages

Before making any purchasing decisions it is important to understand all the legal matters involved in any Fifty PLUS! Village Investment, it is therefore wise to get legal representation which is qualified within this industry before signing anything, and because there are different plans, they will be able to help you make the right decision based upon your personal needs.

The choices to down-grade to a smaller residence could not be better, so many wonderful choices to suit all budgets.

Fifty PLUS! Villages are really like small housing estates with all the added benefits of in-estate amenities some of which include their own medical centre and meal delivery service. The good news is that these sometimes are really not too expensive to get into and given the services within the village are very acceptable living, especially given they are usually very modern.

Fifty PLUS! Villages can vary in resources; the size of the homes or units and the amenities at hand. They can also vary on the age of entry though many now invite people from age 55 to settle down in these wonderful scenarios, many of whom may still be working. Nevertheless in many ways it is a safe and comfortable way of preparing for the coming decades and allows 'leaving home' for a holiday (which you are going to do a lot of in your sixties onwards) a safe and sure prospect knowing the estate/village is well protected.

Why Live in a Fifty PLUS! Village?

Let us tell you that many, many people are now moving into this type of accommodation because of the lifestyle that is on offer! What's more you can do from the age of 55. In fact some just leave it too late in life to get in!

Fifty PLUS! villages can offer accommodation with a different lifestyle alternative that may suit many people. However there can be pit falls, the legal documentation can be very extensive and sometimes complicated and will vary significantly from village to village.

Fifty PLUS! villages are not just move in situations, as those that have spent some time trying to understand the available alternatives, will tell you.

You will find numerous products and they have a number of different legal structures and many villages have difficult to understand departure fee structures. The legal documentation is extensive and sometimes complicated and will also vary significantly from village to village.

What does this mean? In short Fifty PLUS! village living is not as simple and straightforward as most people think.

You do need to take into consideration the financial implications of moving to a Fifty PLUS! village very carefully as it can be quite complicated.

Always inspect the village, take home the information on offer and read over it very carefully and if you don't fully understand what you have been given take it with you to someone that does, this is a life changing decision. Make sensible comparisons between the Fifty PLUS! villages as they will have different legal structures and different departure fee structures.

What is a Fifty PLUS! Village?

A Fifty PLUS! village is a community where people from all walks of life over the age of 55 are able to live together sharing facilities essentially a community for seniors.

Keeping in mind that the term is something of a misnomer? You do not have to be retired. In fact many people continue working, or run businesses. However to entre a village it is generally restricted to people over 55 years of age or have retired from full-time employment. Ages average from 55 and up the average entry age is somewhere in the mid to high 60's.

Types of Fifty PLUS! Villages

Keeping it simple you have a choice from two different types of villages. Resident funded or Donor funded.

Resident Funded

This type of accommodation is usually owned and operated by Private Operators or Non for Profit Organizations. These are conducted on a commercial basis and are designed to make a profit.

Do not assume that because they make the suggestion that they run as not for profit that they do not require you to pay for services. They are still driven as a money making enterprise.

Donor Funded

This type of village accommodation is usually restricted to the needy. Often operated by church groups and include an element of charitable subsidy. Residents are still required to pay, usually the operators a portion and in some cases most of the residents pension.

Types of accommodation and facilities offered

In general the size type and style of retirement village accommodation can and in most cases will vary enormously.

Starting with small room everything combined Bed-sitter apartment's right up to on site luxury and spacious brick and tile homes with garages. Just about all retirement villages offer common areas and a range of facilities like swimming pools, gyms, reading rooms, card tables, snooker tables and alike available for the use and enjoyment of all residents.

Terms Used to Describe the Levels of Care Provided

The terms used by the retirement villages describing the level of care they provide in relation to particular accommodation units.

Independent living units or Self-Care Units

This type of accommodation is mostly provides the bottom end or the lowest level of care although a range of other personal services can some times be made available.

Requests made by residents is usually set up on a user pays basis under an arrangement known as "Flexi care".

Assisted Living Units or Serviced Apartments

This type of accommodation provides the highest level of care, in most cases including the regular provision of a range of personal services.

People can be confused easly in some cases because low level residential care facilities, which were known as and often still referred to as hostels.

They also describe their accommodation as Assisted Living Units. Nursing homes and Hostels and in most cases regulated and often receive funding form the Commonwealth Government and very different, admission criteria, legislation and funding arrangements apply.

House Sitting and Pet Sitting Services

Taking Care of the house, gardens and pets

Fabulous all round pet care site for all states, inc pet setter, minder, walker, etc.

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