The Aussie Over 50s Guide to Obtaining a Seniors Card

For those people who are looking to be able to obtain a seniors card.

Firstly an age limit applies of 65 years or older and the applicant can be working less than 35 hours a week in paid employment.

On the other hand applicants can be 60 to 64 years, working less than 35 hours a week in paid employment and the holder of one of the below:

• Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card

• Commonwealth Health Care Card

Once a card is obtained there are a number of ways to use the car and save

As we get older things change a little in the way we look, move and see life in general. However we should realise that is a time to celebrate, because we are smarter and wiser, and a few wrinkles is not going to hold us back.

Seniors within Australia have available a number of important concessions accessible available to them. These concessions and added benefits can be worth more than cash in hand, some say they are worth their weight in gold. Australians that are no longer working full-time. Seniors cards are part of a free service issued by every state in Australia.

The cards allow holders to receive a wide range of discounts on public and commercial activities, including public transport concessions and access to discounts on products and services from participating businesses. The card or cards are especially useful for those who may have retired or work fewer hours but do not yet qualify for the Age Pension.

Where to apply for an Australian Seniors card:

• NSW Seniors Card Information; NEW SOUTH WALES

• QLD Seniors Card Information: QUEENSLAND

• W.A Seniors Card Information: WESTERN AUSTRALIA

• S.A Seniors Card Information: SOUTH AUSTRALIA

• VIC Seniors Card Information: VICTORIA

• TAS Seniors Card Information: TASMANIA


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