Planning for Fifty PLUS!

The Aussie Over 50s Guide to Fifty PLUS! Plan Guidance!

For some people the idea of retiring can be very daunting. Questions arise like:-

• What will I do when I retire?

• I feel lost already?

• I don't want to be sitting around waiting for something to happen?

• Can we live on the pension?

• Will I have enough money?

Then other people feel safe and secure in the idea that they know exactly what they are going to do.



Fifty PLUS! can be something that you elect to do or it may be forced on you in a being made redundant! Regardless, today you are a productive member of the workforce tomorrow you are a retiree.

So the question is - DO YOU HAVE A PLAN?

When you are working, you are in a situation where your day has structure, you have sense of purpose and this is exactly what you need to do when you retire, set up structure and develop the same sense of purpose.

Remember there is NO EXCUSE to be bored when retired. Unfortunately, not every retiree agrees and a number of potential retirees live in a great deal of fear of retirement because of the worry of - "having nothing to do" - keeping the mind and body mentally active is good for your health.

You must have heard other people say -

"I don't know how I ever had time to go to work I have so much to do?"

Other things to consider:- Often friendships revolve around work so on the day you retire, you often lose contact with these people. So you might need to do a little work on developing friendships?

While you are working, planning for retirement can be loads of fun, get together with your spouse and make some decisions and be a little understanding of what you partner would like to do in retirement is a two way street and both of you will have ideas. A new retiree who was working full time can often forget that his or her spouse might have plans about retirement too!

To build an effective plan simple start with a very large list of all the things you need to do and would like to do in retirement and then work from that list to develop a plan.

A few questions that might help you along the way:-

Some must do's

• Have you decided on what age you wish to retire?

• How much money will you need?

• Where will the money come from?

• How much superannuation do you have and will it be enough?

• Do you need to have discussions with a financial planner?

• Will you and your partner require the pension?

• How much is the pension?

• What do I need to do to apply for the pension?

• What benefits come with the pension?

• Should I look at a part pension?

• Will you continue to work part time?

• Are you going to down size the poetry?

• What type of property?

• Where would you like to live?

• Plan carefuly here; if you are going to move overseas or interstate; Rent and try it first!

• Move into a retirement village?

As well as all things you would like to do

• You might start with a discussion with your partner

• Find a place to enjoy the planning together: a cafe, a local park or just a place of your own

• Work on you hobbies

• Holiday planning with money allowances

• Do you need a new car?

• Think of volunteering?

• The time you would like to spend with family and the grand children

• Redesign the house

• Have a look around where you live

• Take up a sport

• Run for local council

• Join a car club

• Take up reading

• Mentor a child

• Drive a bus part time or some other part time job

• Make up your bucket list - List all the things you want to do before you kick it!

As you can clearly see the list of things to do is endless. Do something that you consider adds value to you life. Everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning.

It could be said that getting a life after retirement serves many purposes. BUT! Some times it is just as good to be doing nothing?

Take a time out and enjoy all the things that you were not able to do when you were working full time. Sure activity is encouraged, but don't forget to relax!

Read that book you have been trying to get to, just go have a coffee with a friend, really you may have spent your entire working career to a timetable. When you retire it is or right to take it easy some of the time, retirement is a time for you to do the things you didn't have time for in the past, this it the time to take advantage of the opportunity.

The key is the PLAN! make the plan and balance the activity with relaxation. Work gradually into a situation where you are able to balance recreation with stimulation.

Then balance time with your family, spouse and friends. Everyone is just a little different. As said planning for retirement can be fun and you will be pleasantly surprised as to where the retirement road takes you.

Do not plan to sit around; Plan to MAKE A PLAN!


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