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Men of all ages work and live better and healthier when they are self-confident and knowledgable about their work or projects.

It is particularly important when being 'retired', perhaps as is often the case against ones will, to find something that fills the gap both in being busy and finding enjoyment from something new.

Hopefully we can help fill that gap on our pages where you may find something of interest to spark an idea of where to go from here!

The pages on INCOME and INCOME GENERATORS as well as on BOOMING INDUSTRIES may not have the answer you seek but will, we are sure, give you some ideas of where to look for something to both fill the void of retirement and bring in some income as well.

There are pages also to help in PLANNING for retirement and CARE DURING OLDER AGE

Starting Out New

Finding something to start at when over 50 is not easy as we have usually taken 20 to 30 years getting used to and confident at what we were doing.

The life cycle of men usually starts really at high school when we start thinking seriously about what we are going to do with our lives. Some have a very clear vision early while others take a while to make a firm undertaking.

Yet even then it is often very much up to circumstances as to what we end up doing as some options may not be open to us either where we live or with our qualifications. So we make the best of what we are and have.

Henceforth we spend the rest of our working lives, hopefully 40 to 50 years learning our craft and not very often making any large dimension shifts to our occupation. Then we 'officially' retire at 65 (or later nowdays), work a little bit longer and then eventually say goodbye to our lifes occupation to enjoy the last years of our life doing 'other things' we enjoy.

But What Happens When We Have to Stop What We are Doing?

It may be through sickness, accident or simply losing a long-time job that we find ourselves looking for something new! And if that happens once we have hit the big Five Zero, or even earlier, it can be a daunting task starting 'life anew'

Changing the Mindset

It is not easy to do but we really have to go back to that 'high school' thinking again and work it out and start education all over again.

Adult Education

Relying on Government support schemes too much can be a huge delay and waste of time nevertheless spending some time looking at the options is wise. Fortunately in these times we have the good old, sorry, new, internet and Google!

Yes; in between doing Cerebral Exercises [playing spider solitaire] do some research on different subjects and see the options for online, adult education and TAFE or even University.

Where to Start?

Talk to others! Do not try to 'do it alone' like 'Aussie blokes' usually do! And do not be afraid who you talk to about it. Sometimes 'friends' are either not really as interested as you thought they might be or simply they may feel not able to help and do not want to show it! This may put us off talking to others as we may think "well if my friends are not to help who can?"

A great place to start is the 'local'; yep, the barman at the local pub can be very helpful; ok you may NOT frequent it but these are serious times and calls for sacrifices! He or she, they if there are more, will hear the local gossip about who needs what and who is doing what and who has been succesful doing it!

Yes you guessed it - the local barber is also a great conduit for information. Give yourself plenty of options to think about by talking to people and checking subjects online.

What to Look For!

You need something within your potential capabilities, takes relatively not too long to learn, required by your local community or online if that is an option and pays what you need.


A correspondance course at Uni can help you into a new venture; Uni is a little like high school, it is more about "learning to learn" that "what" you are learning; nevertheles what you learn needs to be somehting you can use; NOT much at all like high school in that regard!

Even learning what may appear to be a very simple type of work can bring great satisfaction and be a good 'earner'; like window cleaning which usually is well paying and great for meeting new people as it can be for domestic or business clients. And it can also extend to other forms of 'handyman' work which can be very satisfying. Especially where there is no real pressure on you to 'get finished on time'.


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