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About Over 50's An Australia My Land Initiative

The Aussie Over 50's Guide - An Australia My Land Initiative!

The site has been purpose built to work in conjunction with a number of other websites relating to and assisting Australians learn a little or a lot more about our country and the products and services it has to offer.

As our population is getting a little older everyday, more and more people are at that wonderful age where they are ready to get out there and live a little. The About Over 50's website has dozens of pages of information on how to do just about anything and what more we want you to be involved.

The endeavour of the Australia My Land project is to provide information, information and more information! We see About Over 50s and other AML websites as online glossy magazines promoting Australia and what this large country has to offer.

About Over 50s also endeavours to provide Senior's with the type of information that they need as retirement nears and eventually befalls us, and the site provides numerous links cost-free to help people find the information required.

However it is also about having fun and the site endeavours to provide ideas, information and links for entertainment, hobbies and a number of ways to generate a retirement income.

About Over 50s Information Pages

The AML team have a personal interest in assisting people and devote themselves to the business of creating the very best websites for our associates and visitors and you are welcome to contribute to this endeavour.

Australia My Land Associates Marketplace

Australia My land is a purpose build website about giving every Australian an opportunity to tell other Australians and the world about our unique country. Along with this we want to help Australian Businesses and to promote tourism both by overseas visitors and fellow Aussies.


If you have a favourite interest or pastime, or maybe a business you would like to promote, you are very welcome to REGISTER FREE with AML-AM and receive a totally free personal profile website. All you need do is ad your information to tell the world all about your project or business. We can also supply you with a FREE LISTING in The Australia My Land Online Directory. For those that would like to promote a product or business on this website, please visit our CONTACT PAGE. A small fee applies.

You are able to register FREE and as an AML Associate contribute to the continual development of all the sites!

With the AML-AM Initiative you can also build a small or a large niche business, it is simple and fun!

There are some 10 income stream options to choose from and ways for you to earn discount credit dockets to spend with Aussie businesses.

With this great opportunity you can run with it at the pace YOU want to go - there is NO pressure, expectations or qualifications to remain involved. You can promote your own or a friends business or simply contribute to the website growing with stories and photos about where you live and what happens in your part of Australia.


Australia My Land Business Directory

The Australia My Land Business Initiative also includes a new and unique Business Directory that links from all the information sites in the AML Partnership. Thus visitors who are looking for information about Australia and may be planning a visit or a trip around this huge country can be put in touch quickly and easily with the businesses that they will need to be accessing.

The directory has only just come online recently and is starting to fill quickly.

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